The Second Life of the Big British Twin? Some Conflicting Signals from the Current Market

James J. Ward

It has been a half century since the death of the large-displacement British parallel twin was proclaimed by a not entirely sympathetic motorcycling press, as one venerable factory after another closed its gates and the industry ceded the future to the seemingly all-conquering multiples coming from the East. Like many obituaries, this one was somewhat inaccurate and somewhat premature … Continue reading

IJMS: A History

Steven Alford & Suzanne Ferriss

In 2000, a PhD candidate in Borderland studies at the University of Texas at El Paso had an idea. Gary Kieffner created the Motorcycling Myth and Culture area for the regional Southwest/Texas branch of the American Culture/Popular Culture conference and posted a call for papers for their 2001 meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A handful of motorcycling scholars … Continue reading

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the IJMS, the Voice inside my helmet remembers …

Lisa Garber

“You should have known,” mumbles the Voice. It was a fair comment. Sitting in the simmering San Antonio heat, waiting for the shuttle to take me to my hotel, I thought of the man who had referred me to this place and this conference. The smooth talking Texan was my dissertation chair: a professor, poet, Jungian psychologist and a motorcycle rider. I guess I should have known … Continue reading

Conference Cancellation Notice / 5-10-15 Special Summer Anniversary Issue

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies board has decided to cancel the 2020 IJMS Conference and put our efforts into a Special Summer Anniversary Issue of the journal and begin the planning for the 2021 conference. A detailed CFP for the Special Summer Anniversary Issue will be announced in the next month… Continue reading