Call For Papers

Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon
26–28 July, 2019

Deadline: 31 March, 2019

About IJMS:

The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies (IJMS) is dedicated to the study and discussion of motorcycling culture in all its forms – from the experience of riding and racing to the history of the machine, the riders and design to the images of motorcycling and motorcyclists in film, advertising and literature. We welcome submissions on all areas related to the cultural phenomenon of motorcycling. We invite contributions from all members of the motorcycling community.

About the Conference:

IJMS has been organizing an annual conference for almost a decade. Originally, the founding editors of the journal spear-headed panels on motorcycle culture as part of the PCA/ACA annual conference. As the discourse of motorcycle studies expanded, it was clear that a conference dedicated solely to motorcycle studies was in order. In 2010 the inaugural IJMS conference at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs brought together journal contributors, IJMS staff, academics and members of the local motorcycle community. Subsequent conferences have been held in Birmingham, Alabama; Rancho Cucamonga, California; and London, England. This year’s conference will be held in Forest Grove, Oregon, hosted by Pacific University.

About Pacific University:

Founded in 1849, Pacific University is a diverse learning community offering a unique combination of nationally recognized undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the arts and sciences, education, business, optometry and the health professions. The Forest Grove Campus is Pacific’s primary residential campus, serving most of the undergraduate students. Located on the west edge of the Portland Metro Area, Forest Grove offers perfect proximity to the city and the great outdoors. It’s a short drive or public transit ride from Portland, or just an hour away from the Oregon Coast or Cascade Mountains. The traditional village feel of downtown Forest Grove, the pastoral landscapes surrounding the wineries, and the peaceful trails through old growth forests each provide special places for visitors.

We welcome you to submit a paper, presentation, or creative project.

Suggested topics include:

  • The motorcycle or riding in film, photography, literature, art and music
  • The motorcycle as a design object or explored through art
  • Motorcycle clothing/fashion/textiles and materials
  • Advertising/marketing of motorcycles, gear and motorcycle culture
  • Media representations of motorcycling
  • Motorcycle technology/design/engineering
  • Motorcycling and sustainability
  • Motorcycling, craftsmanship, collection and customization
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Motorcycle history in relation to design and visual culture
  • The role of place/environment in motorcycling
  • Motorcycling and issues of safety and risk
  • Motorcycling and race, class, ethnicity, sexuality or gender
  • The psychology of the motorcycle, the motorcyclist and the ride
  • Motorcycle travel/tourism
  • Motorcycle rights and politics
  • The commodification of motorcycles, motorcycling and/or motorcyclists
  • Other philosophical, literary, anthropological, geographical, historical, sociological, political, economic/business or psychological perspectives of motorcycling culture

In addition to traditional academic paper presentations, we encourage submissions using alternate forms, such as photographic works, film, art and design objects or multimedia presentations.

Please respond to Lisa Garber using the form below with a biographical statement and an abstract of 150 words by March 31, 2019.

Information about previous IJMS conferences can be found at:

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