101 Road Tales

Book Review by Jonathan Boorstein

Since 1988, Clement Salvadori has written “Road Tales”, a monthly column for Rider magazine. Salvadori’s credits as a motojournalist since his first sale in 1975 include more than a thousand articles covering everything from travel to test rides. As a motorcycle adventure traveler, he has crossed six continents and more than 70 countries, passing the one million mile mark a long time ago … Continue reading

Breaking the Code: A True Story by a Hells Angel President and the Cop Who Pursued Him

Book Review by Anthony Saia

Violating the outlaw code is seen as the biggest faux pas a biker can make in the “life.” Pat Matter, a former President of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Minneapolis, Minn., did just this when he cooperated with law enforcement following the in-depth investigation by the Hennepin County Sherriff’s office and co-writer Chris Omodt. What comes from the experience and the story is Breaking the Code … Continue reading

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Online Scholarly Publication

Suzanne Ferriss and Steven Alford, Former Editors Revised: 15.05.15 The International Journal of Motorcycle Studies is now in its 11th year of successful publication. Yet, still—occasionally—we encounter a bit of resistance. We might have expected some scholars to question our focus on motorcycles as an area of academic investigation, which is why we included a page called “Why Motorcycles Studies?”… Continue reading