Forthcoming Conference

2018: 8th IJMS Conference, California

Next year’s (2018) conference will take place near Los Angeles, California (Rancho Cucamonga, CA – on the historic Route 66, San Bernardino County – hosted by Chaffey College). Stay tuned for a Call For Papers announcement and information about the exact location, dates, and other activities that will be a part of the conference.

Previous Conferences and Exhibitions

2017: 7th IJMS Conference, Colorado Springs
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2016: 6th IJMS Conference, London
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2015_5th_ijms_conference2015: 5th IJMS Conference, Alabama
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2014_4th_ijms_conference2014: 4th IJMS Conference, Colorado Springs

2013_3rd_ijms_conference2013: 3rd IJMS Conference + Exhibition, London
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2012_2nd_ijms_conference2012: 2nd IJMS Conference, Colorado Springs
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2010_1st_ijms_conference2010: 1st IJMS Conference, Colorado Springs
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