Volume 14 | 2018

8th IJMS Conference

Chaffey College and the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Rancho Cucamonga, California
26–28 July, 2018

A Cultural History of “The Motorcycle Song” by Arlo Guthrie

Misao Dean

“I don’t wanna pickle. I just wanna ride on my motorsickle.” If you ask me to name a song that features motorcycles, this is the one that pops into my mind right away: Arlo Guthrie’s “The Motorcycle Song.” The lyrics may be nonsense, but they stick in your head, and the song has had enduring popularity; a radio hit in the late sixties …

Mechanized Cavalry: Twenty Years on the Road

Book Review By John Sumser

Mr. O'Connor's examination of a subculture of American motorcycling is particularly timely in the aftermath of the August demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia and the more general controversy over monuments to the Confederacy. The book consists primarily of transcripts of interviews with members of the motorcycle club called the Mechanized Cavalry ...

Emotional Management on Two Wheels

Kimonas Konstantelos & Nicolas Christakis

Motorcycle driving is usually understood in terms of practicality, specific abilities/skills, and symbolism – associated with individualism, challenge and risk. This paper aims to explore this topic under the scope of emotions and feelings invested in the ownership of the motorcycle and in the driving experience in the context of the "real world" …

An Alternative History of Bicycles and Motorcycles: Two-wheeled Transportation and Material Culture

Book Review By David Walton

Steven Alford and Suzanne Ferriss have been highly instrumental in promoting and establishing what is now looking like a consolidated academic area in the shape of motorcycle studies, and their previous book, Motorcycle (2007), set the bar very high indeed in terms of a wide-ranging study that shows how the motorcycle is permeated with cultural significance ...